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 Coding passionate and problem solver enthusiast, with a strong background in Computer Science.
Pursuing a career as a Software Engineer .


Network Administration

TexasInstruments MCU
DSP - image & audio


Unreal Engine
Unity Engine

Team management
Problem solving

  This was the main project that I worked on during my time at Kite. It is a product custom editor , that allows one to order merchandise printed with their own photos (from their phone gallery or Facebook/Instagram accounts).

  This was the first project that I worked on during my time at Kite. It was meant to be used with the Shopify platform. The screens are for a specific store (flavor of the main app). Even though it was complete it never got released on the PlayStore.

  This was an ambitious project that I worked on during my time at Kite. It was supposed to be a photo-book creation tool. Unfortunately the project was canceled during development. The screens are from the finished parts of the app.

  This was a project that I worked on during my freelancing time. The project was canceled during development.

  I have built an autonomous "toy" vehicle using Arduino. This was part of an academic study regarding the potential of the Arduino devices. It can follow a line and stop if it encounters an obstacle. The experiment measured the reliability and accuracy of the sensors used (ultrasonic ragging sensors, array of photodiodes) as well as the reliability of the Arduino devices.

  I have assembled a wireless power measurement system. The concept uses one Arduino to measure current and voltage parameters and sends the information through 433MHz radio transmitter to another Arduino that displays the information on an LCD screen. This became part of the study mentioned before.

  While taking a module on virtual environments, a colleague and I worked on a cooking simulation "game" for the HTC Vive using the Unity 3D engine. My main task was taking care of the user interface, input and object interaction and also my experience using Blender came in handy for creating the virtual environment.

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  I got particularly interested in machine vision and after taking a class and started coding image processing algorithms after reading various papers and techniques. Below are results obtained using MATLAB.

I have built a smart system that takes care of plants. An Android device or computer is used to display information from a Raspberry Pi and also to give the user control over the process. The Raspberry Pi, in turn, is connected to a valve that allows the transport of water and a grow light to optimize the flower's evolution and save it from potentially freezing. The connection between the two devices (mobile phone/computer and Raspberry Pi) is done via Wi-Fi: the Raspberry would be connected to a router at home making it accessible from any location.

This page is made for demonstration purposes and it was created from scratch by writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript code.The only tools used were Notepad++ and Adobe Photoshop.

I programmed a two wheeled robot based on a Texas Instruments MCU having distance sensors, wheel encoders and an LCD screen. The codding was done using Code Composer Studio (TI-RTOS). I managed to get all the sensors working (wheel encoders and distance sensors through I2C interfacing) and with little effort I have calibrated the robot, obtaining constant speed, accurate distance measurement and a selectable turning angle, making it suitable for dead reckoning.


BSc Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Trasilvania University of Brasov
2012 - 2016
First degree (9.64 / 10)


Freelancing (Android and web development)
June 2015 - July 2017

Android developer at Canon Europe, London
July 2017 - July 2018

Spoken languages:

English: fluent, IELTS score 7.5
German: currently learning
Romanian: fluent

Macaveiu Andrei


(+04) 0752815615
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